Dare forget the lines

I find books to be so intriguing and am bound to say most of the lines I want to remember comes from them. I’m not good with favorites so I might be tempted to call each line that comes alive as my favorite, with that I duly apologize.
One line that I would curse myself if I dare forget is from Lord of the rings, arguably the greatest fantasy novel of all time and written by J. R. R. Tolkien. in Bilbo Baggin’s birthday speech is one of the greatest lines ever writ:
Today is my one hundred and eleventh birthday… Alas, eleventy-one years if far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable Hobbits. I don’t know half of you half as well as I would like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
But JRR Tolkien might be the king of fantasy but he’s not the only king, Dr. Philip McGraw is also a king of amazing lines. Though I might not be able to quote unquote him as I did above because this next line was used as a title of a chapter in his outstanding book: life strategies. He says, once you chose an action you chose the consequences.i don’t have half his wisdom but surely this line has meant a lot to me since I read it.
Shakespeare too is a ruler of lines and under his autocratic rule words bow down in ways that awe the sons and daughters of lesser gods, as JRR Tolkien calls us. In his masterpiece Merchant of Venice, many of us folks from the chocolate city have been victim of the effects of plagiarism when others quote Shakespeare’s character Prince of Morocco, who had come to take the casket test in a bid too woo Portia said the most romantic thing from the vanilla empire : mislike me not for my complexion …
Ben Carson in his famous work Gifted hands speaks so highly of his mom in one quote. He says his mum kept saying to him, “ you can do anything anyone else can do, only you can do it better”
Forgive me for include the controversial lines of Malcolm Gladwell in his book outliers, he states that there is always something in the lives of great achievers who make them who they are, their lives was characterized with certain opportunities that they took up and shaped them to who they become. So never hope to be them if you don’t fall under similar circumstances.
even after all this magical lines and great quotes from men who have shaped the world of reader’s and navigated the universe of writers, I have to give credit to the winner of the best lines when it comes to books I’ve read: John Mason in his classic the impossible is possible wrote keep your temper to yourself nobody else needs it so for all those who feel mad at me for skipping their favorite lines from this installment take a cue from John Mason or rather hit me up with a mail and I will sure include it on the next installment of this column.


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