Caption this

Today I read a poem, a powerfully written piece

The kind I’d say I’ve never read before

Interesting and overwhelming reading it is

For the words speak passion and much more

In ways I know not


So I took a pen and paper and gave life to this

Am not as great as he is but my best I bet

Occasionally hitting the nail and often I do miss

but I won’t put it down till my want is met

till that elusive skill is got


I ponder how to some lines come with ease

Yet to others weird is all earned in their grope

Words can be woven to speak volumes of piss

Other times mediocrity they dexterously rope

In them lessons are taught


As wild as imagination grows unto bliss

Mine led me to a place I’d call a tavern

Where whores and gentlemen hug n kiss

Call it hell but I shall call it just another heaven

About it my pen wrote


I sat on a stool and with looks gave her a tease

She walked to me and said that was rude

“ooh really” I said frantically holding her knees

She stared at the hand saying” 50 to get me nude”

And there was all I sought


She dragged me out before I could say yes

So I clutched my trouser to guard my wallet

My heart reluctant to jump on another mess

for empty pockets never bought me a pallet

but in chain I was already caught


holding my hand she led me to the benches

kissing, half hugging she ripped off my shirt

once again amazed at the skill of these wenches

I pulled her up as my clothes fell to the dirt

As her boobs my palms sought


My breath gave away her taste of cheese

her lips moved through my neck down my chest hair

I felt weak as her palms climbed my knees

My member stood when her hands almost got there

Waking from its hair lot


And then she stopped midway and asked for her fees

I jerked and my hands held her close and tight

And whispered in her ear “wait till we end this piece”

She looked at me amazed and said till I pay it aint right

And that is all I ever got


And so as my pen slowly went dry of ink

To a world of reality my disappointment sank

and once again I asked myself why I don’t drink

for then I would’ve something to blame the wank

but an answer I got not






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