The Graffiti Revolution in Kenya

Anybody walking, driving and for those flying with binoculars pointed on Nairobi roads graffiti are hard to miss. Kenya once a pinnacle of democracy now lounges in the backdrop of post election violence that erupted from the disputed 2007 presidential elections. I wish I knew who won that election anyway, but even though I don’t this much i know; a few spray can wielding citizens of this great African nation are more sick of our politicians than I do. They have resolved to do something, to spread the word in the only way they can-use of graffiti.

For artists, art lovers and others with keen interest in art, the recent increase of number of graffiti in Nairobi streets is a work of art. To the Kenyan voter it is a wake up call and to the entire international community and a number of progressive minded people it is a revolution.

After this story appeared in guardian on 23rd march 2012 i sought to clarify and bring out the unseen, already seen and the neglected. In these pieces politicians are depicted as vultures who are selfish and a tonne of other negative things and the voter is sensitized to use their vote to send these ‘vultures’ from parliament.






The graffiti tend to have one thing in common beauty is employed to depict the beast of our politicians and selfish pursuits.


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