Peotic play

Hey guys this week am gonna do something new and I hope you like it. On my twitter page I profess to be a poet yet few have gotten a chance to read my pieces (if at all they qualify as such) so this week after serious arguments with one very special but stubborn lady, I bulged. She’s one of those straight face ladies who never take no for an answer and hits the point straight. I reckon “Playing hard ball” would shake at her wrath. Drum rolls


Piece 1

this was inspired by my random thoughts:


I have missed thy tender touch

soul searching eyes and beautiful skin to match

thy pink lips that tremble in fear

dark hair that shines as you draw near

if God ever created a beauty

me thinks she must’ve been as pretty

with curves upon bust and hip

a sensuous attractive smile on lip

thee stretches the limits of perfection

unto places beyond my affection

yet every time I let my gaze roam

finding it placed on you is a welcome norm

for in my wandering upon the earth

me’s never met any like you on this path

being a man not of so little say

am amazed about speaking you I draw nay


The last call

You never know what is coming don’t act like you do.:


In the tranquility of the moonless night

void of stars and wind even

a house stands alone in full sight

giggle and laughter clouds this heaven

a people oblivious of their changing plight

to the non-understanding eye,a fate’s heathen

the little lad stands beyond the light

rid of deep thoughts by Beethoven

slowly shredding his vengeance and might

years to come on this very spot

emptiness will replace this view

as sweet memories are deluged by rot

and in a home hitherto laden with stew

hunger shall raid all but maybe not

for survival will be a thing of a few

who escaped this night’s joyous laughter

succeeded with gunshots and blood

and in place of a house shall rise a slaughter

within which this lad’s future’ll be blurred.


Great week y’all. Hit me up with comments and thoughts and don’t forget to find me @Jahnekoh on twitter.


5 responses to “Peotic play

  1. I love them…i especially love”The last call”..You wear your poetry hat so beautifully…it actually suits you

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